Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat achievements as DC Islamabad (2018 – 2022)

  1. City-wide anti-encroachment drive leading to recovery of 25000 kanals of land

  2. Computerization of operations of excise and revenue department as well as mobile apps for facilitation of general public

  3. Provision of online services including Vehicle Registration, Token Tax Payment, Domicile, IDP, Land Fard etc

  4. Establishment of two (02) modern facilitation centers at Tarlai and Bhara Kahu

  5. Establishment of Pakistan’s first Property Verification Center where people can check before buying

  6. Cadastral map of rural area 110 mauzas

  7. ICT Services at doorstep

  8. Durust Daam mobile app, 25 sasta stalls, fair price stalls and monitoring of markets leading to reduction of prices and also provision of essential commodities to doorstep with no delivery charges. Over a million transactions so far.

  9. Setting up of 2 new farmers market Tarlai and Sihala

  1. Clean & Green Islamabad Campaign by plantation of 30 lac trees

  2. 386 development schemes costing Rs.4709.634 mill executed. 

  1. Establishing 5 Panahgaahs and hosted 5 lac people and handing over to Bait ul Mal

  2. COVID coordination with implementation of SOPs including Setting up of 5 quarantine centers. Besides, receiving 20,000 persons on airport for covid control.

  3. ICT Administration was recognized as the safest city, nationwide, in dealing with COVID.

  4. Elimination of bonded labour initiative and abolishment of brick kilns

  5. 2 science festivals as well as women galas to promote healthy activities

  6. Implementation of Prime Minister’s Initiative for Backyard Poultry as well as Calf Feedlot Fattening

  7. City Islamabad App – A state-of-the-art mobile application to provide various services online including Domicile Issuance, Int’l Driving Permit, Arms License, Marriage Certificate etc.

  8. The ramps, wheelchairs and counters for special/senior citizens at all facilitation centers and service delivery points have been established

  9. Cameras have been installed in Patwar Khana rooms. Registry of deeds is being done with digital thumb impression recording.

  10. ICT administration has removed all hazardous billboards in coordination with CDA/MCI.

  11. Every month cleanliness drive is carried out, specialy in rural areas. Cleanliness is carried in coordination with CDA/ MCI.

  12. In order to protect Margalla Hills and green areas, ICT administration has banned smoking, bonfires/BBQs, setting garbage on fire or carrying flammable items such as matchstick, lighters, charcoal and bottles of petrol or kerosene oil prohibiting an activity or action that could cause forest fire in the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).page2image53217312 page2image53219184 page2image53218976 page2image53219600

  1. Open door policy established for the citizens, anyone can come and meet the DC without the interference of DC Office staff.

  2. Established Pakistan’s first complaint redressal system using the digital media

  3. Initiated free medical camps for all the rural areas during dengue.

  4. Massive crackdown against Sui-gas and electricity theft

  5. Strict crackdown against price increase and hoarders.

  6. Best polio campaign of Pakistan

  7. Engaged all the educational institutions to raise awareness against drugs, conducted seminars and workshops for that.

  8. Banned all types of advertisements for any illegal housing society \ projects.

  9. Initiated Cycling Sundays for the citizens, on every Sunday citizens were invited for cycling activity

  10. Vehicle registration at your doorstep service was initiated.

  11. Tax collection for Excise & Taxation was raised from 4 Billion to 11 Billion PKR.

  12. 1 Billion PKR was collected using city app Islamabad.

  13. More than 50,000 complaints were resolved using digital media.

  14. Transgender employment was started in DC Office on daily wages.

  15. First transgender Madrassah was started in Meher Abaadi.

  16. Initiative for stray dogs TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release) was launched as a part of making Islamabad a model city

  17. Out of school / street children were admitted to schools by joining hands with more than 300 schools.

  18. Anti-Beggary campaign was launched to eliminate the beggars on the streets and signals.

  1. Implementation of plastic bags ban first time in Pakistan and getting it implemented in urban areas

  2. Conducting more than 50 elections for cooperative housing societies

  3. Getting land mafia arrested in private housing societies and setting recovery of over Rs 20 Billion

  4. Setting up of SOPs for food adulteration in Islamabad and getting them implemented

  5. Deciding more than 100 revenue cases which were pending for over 50 years

  6. Deciding over 150 appeals against CDA decisions

  7. Expediting first ever District Katchehris in G 11 and demolition of 30 years old encroachments in F 8 Markaz

  8. Establishing first ever consumer council in Islamabd

  9. Establishing first ever minority rights council in Islamabad

  10. Computerization of chirstian marriages in Islamabad

  11. Establishing 5 new mosques in Islamabad

  12. Effectively managing over 300 law and order situations including largest dharnas in the history of Pakistan

  13. Clearing pathways of Nullahs and retrieving land of Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad

  14. Recovery of over 100 stolen vehicles through digitization of excise department

  15. Assisting CDA in Margalla Avenue, Sanitation, One Window etc

  16. Development of Sector E 12, I 12, I 15, I 15, C 15, Park Enclave 2 causing financial benefit of Rs 12 Billion to CDA

  17. Setting up of libraries across the city

  18. Setting up of 50 schools across the city where out of children were enrolled in the evening

  19. First time internships for Private Schools

  20. Firs time largest volunteer program for Youth

  21. Arresting 50 individuals who were part of Land Mafia and registered them under 5 MPO

  22. Winning over 100 cases from Islamabad High Court in favor of the Government and Public

  23. Thumb verification of attendance in DC office

  24. Diffusing serious law and order threat in Lal Masjid, Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Fareedia

  25. Took over 30 public parks from illegal encroachments by private clubs

  26. Setting up of 4 new public parks in rural areas

  27. Taking over of schools and mosques from banned outfits without any incident

  28. Computerization of revenue department project initiated

  29. Computerization of Cooperative Societies partially completed

  30. Computerization of Fisheries Department partially completed

  31. Collection of Rs 1 Billion through city app Islamabad

73. Organizing first ever science festival, martial arts competition , Mr Islamabd Body building, naat and qirat competitions, debates and drama competitions, and establishing a system to organize an event for youth on every alternate day in Islamabad

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